Established in 1999 in London, Desynz worked with clients in the hospitality sector to establish their online and digital presences. This was prior to the social media boom of the mid 2000s, and we pride ourselves in the experience we have gained seeing the digital marketing industry grow since we started operating.

In the new era of digitalisation, Desynz continues to offer cutting-edge services including digital branding, website design, social media optimisation, app development, search engine optimisation and content creation. We combine our attention to detail and personal customer service with our expertise to offer leading services across the globe.


From head to toe, MonCongo is a pioneer in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our extensive knowledge of the online marketing sector enabled us to create the first of its kind, unique search engine serving the people of the DRC. With the success our web-based service garnered, MonCongo was also the first company in the country to introduce mobile app technology which is used by thousands of people across the DRC.

Our unique system not only connects clients to clientele in a seamless manner but maintains continuity of this relationship with our social media service offerings.


Nenen is a creative digital agency focused on producing thoughtful and considered digital designs for marketing purposes. We've leveraged our knowledge of the online marketing space to also offer website design, search engine optimisation, branding, PPC, and social media optimisation services to the UAE.

Whizz Tanzania

Whizz Tanzania was established in 2021 in the midst of the COVID pandemic. The main vision was to introduce a productive way of boosting awareness of local businesses, to further help an otherwise thriving and ever-expanding economy.

Whizz Tanzania combines its web and app-based listings with a comprehensive digital marketing service alongside e-mail and WhatsApp marketing campaigns to help bolster the digital presence of Tanzanian businesses.

Moncongo Express

Coming soon Q2 of 2023

Whizz Congo

Coming soon Q3 of 2023