HBN Online

HBN Online was a provider of online reservation systems for hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels and holiday homes. HBN Online had over 12 years of experience in designing and delivering online management solutions to independent and chain hotels both within the UK and abroad.

The technology underpinning HBN was sold to another company in 2014.

Biz Congo

BizCongo was the first business venture Ridhaa Group conducted outside of the UK. It was based around an online directory to help local businesses advertise their services to a client database.

Due to its rapid growth, it attracted the attention of a local businessman and offered to become a minority shareholder in 2011. This individual later purchased the business in 2014.

Biz Malawi

With the success of BizCongo, the business model was also replicated in Malawi where similar productive results were seen. BizMalawi, again, pioneered tailored search engine based technologies for the benefit of both customers and clients. It was later acquired in 2018.


Malili was established in the DRC in 2012 and saw a decade of successful operations in the FMCG sector. The company broke the long-standing belief that products of quality and affordability cannot co-exist. Malili manufactured affordable juices, ice-cream, ice lollies and biscuits, sourcing its ingredients from the finest Italian manufacturers.

Malili was approached by a successful conglomerate in late 2021 with an offer to purchase the company, and was sold by the end of the year.